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Our Vision

To be the HERO in providing bettering hearing to the world. Connecting people again to family and friends through better hearing. As a family owned hearing center, we provide the latest in hearing products to meet your everyday needs. 

Our Mission

Patients are cared for in an environment that supports emotional as well as clinical needs. We offer innovative specialized treatments and support the patient in their journey to better hearing.

Consultant rooms and hearing testing are also available at our clinic. These offer patients the convenience of local access to routine consultation, and follow-up care so you will always have access to us no matter where you are based in the country.

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Hearing Evaluations

Tinnitus Assessment

Hearing Aid Cleaning

Auditory Rehabilitation Therapy


Custom Bragi Wireless Headphones

Latest Hearing Technology

Even if you feel you are hearing fine it is great to get a baseline test. Because hearing loss can be a slow gradual process your brain might be struggling more then you think.

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Why Choose Us?

Medical Devices

Hearing devices come in many different shapes and sizes, Our custom treatment options can fit all budgets.

Fast Help

When you need something looked at in a hurry just reach out to us.

Proactive Care

We proactively make sure you are hearing the best you can all the time with our proactive follow-up care.

Qualified Staff

All of our staff are well trained to meet your hearing healthcare needs.

“We are one of the world’s leading private clinic providing expert and compassionate world-class care for everyone, both young and old.”