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Custom Wireless Smart Earphones —Bragi Dash Pro

Along with offering a wide variety of hearing aids in Tucson, AZ, here at Heroes of Hearing, we offer other types of hearing devices which can improve your everyday listening experiences. One such device is the Bragi Dash Pro, tailored by Starkey with the help of our hearing instrument specialist.

What Are Bragi Dash Pro Tailored By Starkey

The Bragi Dash Pro earphones are completely wireless earbuds which fit snugly in your ears for a rich listening experience, whether you are jamming out to music or taking a phone call.

Unlike the regular Bragi Dash Pro, the tailored by Starkey Bragi Dash Pro are custom-made for your ears only. The regular variant comes with interchangeable sleeves and tips for a comfortable fit.

But, by partnering with Starkey, the tailored Bragi Dash Pro will be fit to your ears by a hearing instrument specialist like our hearing specialist. That way, you can enjoy the most comfortable and perfect fit, which will help create a sound seal around your ears.

Bragi Dash Pro Wireless Earbuds Features

There is a huge variety of unique features that come with the tailored Bragi Dash Pro earphones, which we have listed below to help you determine if these wireless earphones are right for you.

Choose Noise-Canceling Or Transparent Sound

Thanks to the excellent fit of the tailored Bragi Dash Pro, you can cancel out all the surrounding sounds and be immersed in whatever you are listening to at the time. However, this may not always be ideal, especially if you are moving through traffic or other areas where situational awareness is needed.

So, you can alternate between the natural noise-canceling functionality of the wireless earphones or audio transparency.

Activity Tracking

You can set aside your wrist wearables when it comes to activity tracking. The Bragi Dash Pro tailored by Starkey can sense when you start to run, cycle and even swim! With their built-in sensors, you can have more accurate data regarding your workouts.

Custom-Made And Engraved

Along with the custom made casing of the tailored Bragi Dash Pro earbuds, they will also be engraved with your name for a little extra flair. Also, the portable charging case will come engraved, free of any additional charge.  

Completely Wireless Use

While plenty of headphones claim they are “wireless”, many of them have a wire strung between the earphones. With these custom earphones, you are completely wire-free when you pop them in your ears.

Also, unlike other wire-free earphones, the tailored Bragi Dash Pro earphones are discreet as they fit perfectly inside your ears, with nothing protruding beyond your ear shell. In fact, they fit better than the standard Dash Pro, as those are fitted with various interchangeable sleeves.

Bragi App

You can control your custom Bragi Dash Pro earbuds either by tapping and swiping to sort your music, accept or reject calls, or opt to use the Bragi app. Some of the key things the app allows you to do are:

  • See the data from your workouts
  • Alter your settings
  • Update your earphones with the latest firmware
  • Calibrate the sound quality

Personalized Listening

Along with enjoying a custom-fit for your ears alone, you can calibrate the Bragi Dash Pro to your hearing sensitivities. Using the Mimi Defined hearing test, you can set up your preferred sound profile so what you hear is perfect for you.

It will also warn you what listening levels are safe, to help protect you from noise-induced hearing loss.

Bluetooth Sync With Multiple Devices

You can sync your tailored Bragi Dash Pro earphones with your smartphone, as they are compatible with both Android and Apple devices. That way, you can access your music and other audio directly from your phone and use the Bluetooth to stream it directly to your earbuds. You also can switch audio without touching your phone, either by swiping and tapping, or just moving your head down, up, then side-to-side to sort.

Exceptional Battery Life And Storage

On their own, the Starkey tailored Bragi Dash Pro earphones will last for 5 hours of listening. Once their charge goes, you can place them in their portable charger and have them back up to full strength in an hour.

With the portable charging, you can charge up your wireless earphones five times before you need to charge the portable unit. Also, if you don’t feel like streaming from your smart device, you can store music on your earbuds, as they come with 4 GB of memory space.  

Waterproof Earphones

The photo of a person swimming with the Bragi Dash Pro isn’t just for promotional material; you really can go for a swim in these earphones. They are waterproof, so whether you want music as you shower or as you swim laps, you can take your tailored earphones.

Access Digital Assistants

Another engaging feature of the Bragi Dash Pro earbuds is their ability to sync with various digital assistants such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Translate Languages

You can also use the tailored Bragi Dash Pro to translate over 40 different languages. With the iTranslate integration in that comes with these custom earphones, you can enjoy real-time translation as these earphones capture the languages around you.

Where To Find The Tailored By Starkey Bragi Dash Pro

If you are interested in purchasing a pair of tailored Bragi Dash Pro wireless earphones, contact us for an appointment with our hearing instrument specialist. He will be able to take custom impressions of your ear and order the tailored by Starkey Bragi Dash Pro earbuds for you to enjoy.