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Hearing Aid Repairs

Even with the best home care possible, hearing aids often require professional hearing aid repair and assistance to properly maintain them. These sophisticated devices often require specialized tools, in-depth knowledge on how each hearing aid and brand works, and software to interface directly with the hearing aids.

Since most people don’t have these things readily available at home, it only makes sense to bring your hearing aids into our hearing clinic.

Heroes Of Hearing Offers Hearing Aid Repairs

Here at Heroes of Hearing, our hearing instrument specialist has the tools, knowledge, and care to help you maintain and repair your hearing aids. To assist in the care and maintenance of your hearing aids, we offer a variety of hearing aid repair services to correct most hearing device issues. Some of our key services are:

  • Our professional hearing aid six-point clean and check
  • Hearing aid adjustments to more fully match your hearing loss needs
  • Firmware updates for the hearing aids computer
  • Replacement of wax guards, ear domes, receiver, removal string, microphone covers, battery doors, and batteries
  • Earmold cleaning or replacement of custom earmold
  • Blowout hearing aid tubing or replacement

The above list is just our most commonly utilized services. We offer other hearing aid repair services, so feel free to bring your hearing aids in if you are need of help.

Troubleshooting Your Hearing Aid Issues

If you are unsure if you need to bring your hearing aids in or if you can adjust them at home, there are some troubleshooting steps you can take.

  • Check the hearing aid settings – If your hearing aids are not working or sound odd, check the settings. When the telecoil is on but you aren’t in a loop system, or you have an outdoor setting on when indoors, it can greatly impact how you hear.
  • Clean the outer area thoroughly – Earwax, moisture, and debris can become lodged in your hearing aid microphone and receiver, causing them to sound distorted or not work at all. Be sure to thoroughly clean your hearing aids and see if it solves the problem.
  • Adjust hearing aid volume – A simple fix when your hearing aids are not working is to check their volume level. It can be easy to have the volume lowered while inserting the hearing aids in your ears, so double-checking them can save you time.
  • Swap out hearing aid batteries – For dead hearing aids, swapping out the batteries is a good way to check if there is something really wrong. Most hearing aid batteries don’t last for a whole week, so it is important to keep a good stock of batteries on hand. If you need more, you can always purchase the right ones at our hearing clinic.
  • Clean battery contacts – It is important to keep the battery contacts clean, or your hearing aids may not receive consistent power. Without a strong electrical contact, your hearing aids may cut out, so you miss out on sounds. Also, if the hearing aid battery contacts become corroded, the lifespan of the hearing aids can be drastically shortened.
  • Re-insert hearing aid – When hearing aids are not positioned correctly in your ear, air can seep in and create annoying sounds. If you hear whistling sounds or other kinds of feedback noise, you may need to just take out and re-insert your hearing aids.
  • Use ear drops to loosen earwax – Hearing aids can cause ears to produce more earwax, which can block the transmission of sound. To safely loosen and remove the earwax to protect your hearing aids, we carry a variety of earwax removal drops. If the wax is very impacted, it is safest to come into our hearing clinic to have the earwax removed.

Signs You Should Bring Your Hearing Aids To Our Office

Should you try all the troubleshooting steps and your hearing aids are still not working correctly, then it is time to bring your hearing aids into our hearing clinic. Other signs that you should bring your hearing aids in for our hearing instrument specialist to repair are:

  • There is clear damage to the hearing aids such as bent tubing or a cracked case.
  • Your hearing aid battery contact area has become corroded.
  • Parts have gone missing such as your earmolds, receiver or battery door.
  • You troubleshoot your hearing aids, and the issue was not fixed.

At times, hearing aids are too damaged to be repaired in our Heroes of Hearing repair lab. We will assist you in sending them to the manufacturer to be repaired, and we can supply you with a loaner set of hearing aids. That way, you will never be without your ability to hear.

Have Your Hearing Aids Repaired At Heroes Of Hearing

Your hearing aids can last anywhere from 3-7 years and potentially longer when they have the right care. So, it is critical to your hearing health that you find the right hearing clinic. Here at Heroes of Hearing, you can find these services:

  • Comprehensive hearing tests
  • Hearing aid repairs
  • Hearing aid cleaning and adjustments
  • Tinnitus treatment tools
  • Hearing devices and products

If you are looking for a hearing instrument specialist to help you maintain your hearing aids and your connection to the world of sound around you, contact us today to set up an appointment. We look forward to helping you!