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Hearing Devices

Protecting your hearing can often involve a variety of hearing devices. Here at the Heroes of Hearing, our hearing specialist can help you identify which hearing devices will best suit your hearing needs.

To help you be better informed on what our hearing specialist will be covering, we recommend you review our overview of the various devices offered by the Heroes of Hearing.


When sensorineural hearing loss has occurred, hearing aids are usually the best solution to assist in correcting the hearing loss. Thanks to continual innovation, there is a wide variety of hearing aids available to those who need hearing loss correction. The basic body styles of hearing aids available are:







Colors and variations on these basic hearing aid body styles can vary depending on what hearing aid manufacturer has developed the hearing aids. At our hearing clinic, our hearing instrument specialist prefers these hearing aids brands due to their high-quality:

  • Starkey
  • Unitron
  • Oticon
  • Widex
If you do have hearing aids from another hearing aid manufacturer, that is not an issue for our hearing aid specialist. You can have any hearing aids repaired and clean at the Heroes of Hearing.


Once you have hearing aids, there are other hearing devices you can use concurrently with your hearing aids to improve their functionality. Some of these hearing aid accessories are:
  • Recharging hearing aid station – Depending on the hearing aids you have chosen, they may be able to use a recharging hearing aid station.

  • TV connector – For hearing aids with Bluetooth capability, you may be able to use a TV connector to sync your hearing aids directly with your TV. This connection will allow you to stream your media directly to your hearing aids.

  • Hearing aid remote – If you have trouble with dexterity and want more control over your hearing aids, a hearing aid remote may be helpful. One of these remotes will allow you to change the volume of your hearing aids, stream media, and phone calls.

If you are interested in one of these types of hearing aid accessories, be sure to talk to our hearing specialist about it.


Continued exposure to noise damage has been pinpointed as one of the main causes of sensorineural hearing loss. However, even with this information, hearing loss rates are rising due to the volume levels which people constantly expose themselves to while using headphones and earbuds.

For a unique and complete hearing experience, we like to recommend Bragi Dash Pro, the world’s first custom-made wireless earphones. Some of the highlights of these earphones are:

  •  comes with a 4GB memory card so you can load up on music and leave everything else at home.
  • Able to track your activity, whether you are walking, swimming, or other activities.
  • Complete occlusion allows the Bragi Dash Pro to be waterproof while providing excellent sound quality.
  • Custom-fit to your ears for a comfortable, sound-enhancing fit.

Be sure to talk our hearing specialists if you are interested in these earphones as he is certified dispenser. We hope that we have been able to give you a good overview of what hearing devices are available for your hearing needs. Feel free to investigate further on our website for our more in-depth pages on these hearing devices or simply contact us to set up an appointment to work with our hearing specialist.