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Hearing Aids

There is no reason why you should have to live with reduced hearing when you can use hearing aids and recover over 90% of your lost hearing. At Heroes of Hearing in Tucson, we have worked for years to help a countless number of people rediscover the world of sound around them and are ready to help you as well.


Generally, hearing loss is a gradual occurrence. Our bodies are good at adapting and will unconsciously begin to compensate for the gradually occurring hearing loss. This makes it difficult to pinpoint hearing loss until the hearing loss has begun to greatly impact daily activities. In part, this is why it is important to have regular comprehensive hearing evaluations so that hearing loss does not go unnoticed.

If you do not find out during a hearing evaluation that you need hearing aids, you may find that you need hearing aids through some of these circumstances.

  • You notice you are missing parts of the conversations – Often, this is one of the main circumstances which causes people to come in and have their hearing checked.
  • When your tinnitus symptoms become worse – As your hearing loss becomes more severe, the volume of your tinnitus usually increases.
  • The volume on most of your media is near or at the max volume – It is becoming unfortunately common to listen to media at or near max volume. However, you should test to see if you can still comfortably hear your media at 50% volume.


Being able to hear well is a vital part of maintaining a high quality of life, which is why it is so important to use hearing aids to improve your life when you suffer from hearing loss.

There are many aspects of your life which will improve when you have hearing aids:

  • Retain high situational awareness – Having one of your 5 senses dulled can affect your response time. Driving a vehicle, in particular, can be improved by being able to hear and respond appropriately to things like the sirens of emergency vehicles and the sounds of the other travelers around you.
  • Fully engage in activities – When you aren’t able to hear that well, it can be hard to participate in the activities around you, whether it’s with family, social activities, or work. With hearing aids to restore your hearing, you don’t have to feel cut off anymore.
  • Helps manage tinnitus – As tinnitus becomes more distinct as hearing loss increases, hearing aids can help you tune back into the world around you and not into your tinnitus. There are even tinnitus treatment-specific hearing aids which can specifically help deal with tinnitus symptoms.
  • Lower dementia risk factors – A strong link between hearing loss and dementia has been discovered, as limited hearing can impact our mental functions. By using hearing aids, you can stay firmly connected to the world around you, lowering your dementia risk factors.
  • Raise self-esteem – Hearing loss can be a blow to self-esteem, as your hearing is a vital part of who you are. By using hearing aids, you can restore that aspect of your self-esteem.
  • Communicate more clearly – When you are unable to hear words clearly, it can not only affect how you interpret speech but how you form and say words. Hearing aids can help cut through this kind of miscommunication.


Heroes of Hearing makes a point to ensure you receive the correct hearing aid to suit your needs and lifestyle. Below is a basic overview of the levels of hearing aids, so you can have an idea of what you may need before you come into your appointment with Heroes of Hearing.
Premium Level Hearing Aids – This level is for those with modest hearing loss who still enjoy a high level of social activity which requires the ability to hear clearly in many environments.

Advanced Level Hearing Aids – When you have many sounds to sort through and have moderate-to-severe hearing loss, then you will want this level of hearing aids.

Standard Level Hearing Aids – For those who do not need hearing aids to sort through variable sound levels but are still dealing with a distracting level of hearing loss, this is the hearing aid level for them.

Essential Level Hearing Aids – The hearing aids on this level are fairly basic and generally do not include the latest technology. They are for mild-to-moderate hearing loss needs.


If you need hearing aids or hearing-related services, then you will want to come see the Heroes of Hearing. Heroes of Hearing is a local independent hearing aid provider, so we carry a wide variety of hearing aids in all different varieties and styles, so you can be sure to find something which suits your budget and lifestyle.

Contact us today to set up an appointment to start yourself down the path to better hearing.