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Hearing Aids

In America alone, an estimated 48 million people have hearing loss. There is no reason why you should be one of the people who feel they have to live with their hearing loss.

At Heroes of Hearing in Tucson, AZ, we have worked for years to help a countless number of people rediscover the world of sound around them, and are ready to help you as well.

Identify Hearing Aid Needs

Hearing Aid

It can be difficult to determine when you are going to need hearing aids. In most cases, hearing loss is a slow process, and our bodies are incredibly adaptable. This adaptability allows us to adjust to hearing less without much of a perceptible difference until the loss is quite advanced.

There is a danger beyond losing your hearing if it is allowed to progress without any intervention. As hearing loss progresses, the auditory nerve which transmits information to your brain can begin to die from lack of sound input. This decay can impair your ability to understand speech.

To help you avoid these issues and many other problems tied to hearing loss, there are some signs you can look for that can help you identify when you may need hearing aids.

  • Volume settings are at max – If you notice that your media devices are all near or at max volume, then you may have hearing loss. Try to keep them under 60% max volume and see if you can still hear your entertainment clearly.
  • Group conversations are difficult – Hearing loss restricts our hearing range as well as our ability to sort through multiple voices and sounds. This restriction of hearing can leave you uncomfortable in group conversations, particularly in places like house parties and restaurants where there are plenty of ambient sounds.
  • Tinnitus symptoms increase – Hearing loss and tinnitus are strongly connected. For many people with tinnitus, as their hearing loss grows, the volume of their tinnitus increases.
  • Women and children are hard to hear – High-frequency hearing loss is commonly connected to hearing loss. As many women and children speak at a higher frequency than men, many who have hearing loss have difficulty hearing that demographic speak.
  • Sounds of nature are muted or gone – Simple sounds such as birds singing and leaves rustling is lost when you have hearing loss.

    While it is important to look for these signs, the best way to identify hearing loss is to have regular, yearly hearing evaluations with our hearing instrument specialist at Heroes of Hearing. With his help, your exact hearing needs can be identified, and he can supply you with the correct hearing aids.

    Ways Hearing Aids Can Improve Your Daily Life

    Once our patients have been fitted with their perfect hearing aids, they have shared the countless ways that hearing aids have improved their lives on a daily basis.

  • Higher enjoyment of entertainment – Many people with hearing loss stop attending movies, plays, concerts, and other forms of entertainment as it can be tough for those with hearing loss to hear in these situations. With hearing aid technology, you can re-immerse yourself in your favorite forms of entertainment.
  • Increased situational awareness – Hearing loss often slows our ability to react in a timely manner to things like emergency vehicle sirens or other audible signals. With a pair of hearing aids, you can improve your reaction times and protect yourself better.
  • Manage tinnitus symptoms – For those who are suffering from tinnitus, there are hearing aids with tinnitus treatment built into them. With these devices’ help, your tinnitus can become unnoticeable for long stretches of time, and manageable when you do notice its presence.
  • Improved cognitive abilities – A substantial body of evidence connects hearing loss and cognitive decline which can lead to dementia. With the right hearing aids, many people have noticed that their minds are sharper as they feel more connected to the world around them.
  • Basic Styles Of Hearing Aids Available

    At Heroes of Hearing, you will find that we carry the best hearing aid brands, from Starkey to Widex. Beyond these brands of hearing aids, we also carry a variety of hearing aid styles to help you find the right hearing aids for your lifestyle and hearing loss needs.

    In ear Device

    One of the most popular styles of hearing aids is the In-The-Ear (ITE) hearing aids. There are several styles of this basic hearing aid, and depending on your hearing loss level, you can even choose an ITE hearing aid which can be placed so no one can see you are wearing hearing aids.


    The Behind-The-Ear (BTE) hearing aids are best for those with severe hearing loss but are also effective for other levels of hearing loss. These hearing devices can pack a lot of power in their small cases and can contain top-notch Bluetooth streaming tech as well as other engaging kinds of hearing tech.

    Rechargeable Hearing Aids
    Rechargeable hearing aid
    For those who don’t want to deal with tiny hearing aid batteries, there are rechargeable hearing aids available. At this time, only BTE hearing aids are rechargeable. As most rechargeable hearing aids have lithium-ion batteries, the hearing aids will easily hold a charge all day long until you are ready to place them on their charger at night.

    Find The Right Hearing Aids With The Heroes Of Hearing

    In Tucson, AZ, if you are looking for hearing aids, you will want to schedule an appointment with our hearing instrument specialist at Heroes of Hearing. He will take the time to:

  • Determine your exact hearing loss level with comprehensive tests
  • Explain what your hearing test means
  • Allow you to demo hearing aids in-office
  • Assist you with any hearing aid repairs you need

    So, if you are ready to work with a hearing specialist who will put your needs first, contact us today and take control of your hearing again.