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Hearing Products

Taking care of your hearing needs shouldn’t require you to run all over town to find what you need. Here at our Heroes of Hearing clinic, you can find a large array of hearing products to address all your hearing needs.

Available Hearing Devices

To help you take care of your hearing, we offer a diverse array of hearing devices at our hearing clinic.

  • Hearing aids – Here at Heroes of Hearing, we can help individuals with all levels of hearing loss with the right hearing aids. These aren’t your grandparents’ hearing aids; there is a massive variety of hearing aid styles our hearing instrument specialist can help you choose from. We also carry all major hearing aid brands at our hearing clinic.
  • Hearing accessories – There are many devices that can be paired with digital hearing aids, allowing for greater utility. Some of these devices can enable you to stream phone calls to your hearing aids as well as other types of media, among other benefits.
  • Bragi Dash Pro – If you are interested in high-tech, wireless, waterproof earbuds that allow you to load up to 1,000 songs directly into the earbuds, you should talk to our hearing instrument specialist about the Bragi Dash Pro earphones.
  • Hearing protection – Preserving your hearing from becoming damaged is far easier than trying to fix hearing loss. We carry hearing protection products, and our hearing specialist can work with you to develop custom hearing protection.

Hearing Aid Replacement Parts

Whether your hearing aids become damaged due to an accident or from normal wear and tear, our hearing instrument specialist offers a comprehensive hearing aid repair service. Some of the hearing aid replacement parts we carry at our hearing clinic are:

  • Microphone covers
  • Wax guards
  • Hearing aid receivers
  • Battery door replacement
  • Ear dome
  • Hearing aid tubing
  • Removal string replacement
  • Custom BTE earmold

We can send your hearing aids to the manufacturer to take care of whatever our hearing specialist cannot repair in our clinic’s lab. We also offer a hearing aid loaner service, so you are never without your ability to hear.

Hearing Care Products

Hearing Care

To help address all your hearing needs in one location, Heroes of Hearing is proud to carry Starkey hearing care products. Whether you need ready and reliable hearing protection or effective ear drops, we can help you find the right product for your hearing needs.

Starkey MiraCell

Starkey MiraCell

MiraCell Comfort Ear Drops are designed to help soothe irritated and itchy ears. The formula uses natural ingredients and is safe to use on a regular basis.

Starkey EarAche Drops

Starkey EarAche

EarAche Drops can temporarily bring relief to those who are dealing with earache symptoms such as pain, fever, irritability, sleeplessness, and throbbing.

Starkey Ear Drying Drops

Starkey Ear Drying

If you often have water become trapped in your ears—colloquially called swimmer’s ear—you can use Ear Drying Drops to clear out the water.

Starkey Ear Wax Removal Drops

Starkey Ear Wax Removal

Ear Wax Removal Drops is a safe, fast-acting solution to clean out your ears so that your hearing aids don’t struggle with any interference from built-up wax. The formula uses carbamide peroxide with microfoam action to ensure your ears are clean.

Starkey All-Natural Ear Wax Removal Drops


Should you prefer a more natural solution to removing earwax, the All-Natural Ear Wax Removal Drops will gently loosen the earwax so you can easily remove it with a tissue as you clean up the after the drops.

Starkey Ear Wax Removal Kit

Wax Removal Kit

To bundle up all your earwax removal needs, the Ear Wax Removal Kit comes with the Ear Wax Removal Drops and a soft rubber bulb to help you apply the drops to your ears.

Starkey ClearEars

Starkey ClearEars

ClearEars Ear Plugs assist with removing water from a swimmer’s ears and block more water from entering.

Starkey Soft Foam

Starkey Soft Foam

Comfortable foam earplugs, the Soft Foam Ear Plugs can be used to block out everyday sounds like lawn mowers, power tools, and other distracting noise.

Starkey EarPlanes

Starkey EarPlanes

EarPlanes Ear Plugs are a type of ear protection designed to help alleviate the pressure changes many flyers experience in an airline cabin.

Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing Aid Batteries

You can stock up on premium hearing aid batteries when you visit our hearing clinic. Our available stock:

  • Size 675 (blue tab) – For Behind-The-Ear hearing aids
  • Size 13 (orange tab) – For Behind-The-Ear, In-The-Ear hearing aids
  • Size 312 (brown tab) – For Mini Behind-The-Ear, Receiver-In-Canal, In-The-Canal hearing aids
  • Size 10 (yellow tab) – For Mini Receiver-In-Canal, Completely-In-Canal hearing aids

If you aren’t sure what type of hearing aid batteries you need, just stop by our office and our hearing instrument specialist will be happy to help you.

Heroes Of Hearing Helps You Find What You Need

No matter what hearing loss solutions you are looking for, our hearing instrument specialist can help you find the right hearing products for your needs. And because managing hearing loss is a team effort, let Heroes of Hearing to be part of your hearing loss management team and schedule an appointment with us today!