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Hearing Services

Effective communication relies on the ability to hear and understand. By working with us here at Heroes of Hearing to successfully address your hearing loss, you can begin to experience a higher quality of life through better hearing.

To help you reach that higher quality of life, our hearing instrument specialist offers a variety of hearing services.

Hearing Test Services

Hearing loss is usually a progressive issue and can begin affecting people in their twenties and thirties. By the time you are in your fifties, we recommend annual comprehensive hearing tests to check for any hearing loss.

Our hearing evaluations gauge several factors to help our hearing instrument specialist determine the exact level of hearing loss you are experiencing. These tests include:

  • Video otoscopy to check the ear canal and eardrum.
  • Pure tone tests to check for frequency and volume loss.
  • Air and bone conduction testing to assess the sound-conducting bones around the ears.
  • Speech reception and word recognition, which assess if hearing loss has affected comprehension.
  • Familiar voice test, which involves the person who accompanied you to the hearing test.

This in-depth testing allows our hearing specialist to offer tailored hearing advice which can greatly improve your day-to-day interactions.

Hearing Aid Services

A large part of restoring sensorineural hearing loss relies on hearing aids. To ensure that your hearing aids are the right ones for you, and in good working order, we offer a wide variety of hearing aid-related services.

Real Ear Measurement

When worn, hearing aids can create a different level of sound pressure in your ear that was not present when your hearing was tested. To assess whether a hearing aid will provide enough amplification to allow you to hear, our hearing aid specialist will conduct real ear measurement tests.  

Hearing Aid Testing

After your hearing loss level has been properly determined, our hearing instrument specialist will adjust several demonstration hearing aids in-office for you to test. That way, you can test out several hearing aids before committing to a pair.

We carry top hearing aid brands such as:

  • Starkey
  • Oticon
  • Widex
  • Unitron

Our hearing instrument specialist can also order hearing aids for you if they are out-of-stock at our office.

Hearing Aid Maintenance

Hearing aids are delicate devices that require regular maintenance and cleaning. If you need help to maintain your hearing aids, our hearing instrument specialist has the tools to help you. He can also replace worn or damaged parts like the tubing on your hearing aids and swap out hearing aid batteries.

Tinnitus Treatment Services

Many people who suffer from hearing loss also experience tinnitus, which can detract from your quality of life. We offer tinnitus treatment services which include:

  • Tinnitus education
  • Tinnitus management counseling
  • Hearing aids with tinnitus support
  • Sound therapy tools

Other Hearing-Related Services

There are other hearing-related services we provide at our hearing clinic, such as ear care and product recommendations. If you are unsure if we offer a particular product or hearing service you are interested in, we encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have about our services.

Cerumen Cleaning

Built-up cerumen (earwax) can cause your hearing aids to become less effective. Cerumen can also clog up your hearing aids, so it is essential to keep your ears free of excess cerumen. We do not recommend at-home cerumen removal if the wax has become compacted, as it is easy to damage your eardrum if you misjudge how far to clean.

Our hearing specialist can safely remove your excess cerumen and clean any compacted cerumen out of your hearing aids.

Recommended Hearing Devices

Hearing technology is continually evolving to keep up with our busy lives. To help support your lifestyle, there is a variety of hearing devices our hearing instrument specialist recommends for those with or without hearing loss. Some of these devices are:

  • Hearables – Customized wireless earbuds, these tiny devices allow for a premier listening experience at the appropriate volume.
  • Hearing aids – Whether you need two hearing aids, a single-side hearing aid, or hearing aids with tinnitus support, our hearing specialist can help you.
  • Hearing aid charger – Some hearing aids are rechargeable, making it easy to keep your hearing aids at full power.
  • TV connector – Stream your TV entertainment directly into your Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids with the help of a TV connector hearing accessory.
  • Hearing aid remote – Using this accessory, you can control your hearing aids with a remote, rather than trying to fiddle with tiny buttons and switches.

Hearing-Related Products We Carry

You can find many ear and hearing aid care products which our hearing specialist is happy to recommend for your use at home. That way, you can avoid gambling on a hearing product such as ear wax drops based purely on user reviews.

Here at the Heroes of Hearing, improving your quality of life through better hearing is our top priority. If you are ready to take control of your hearing situation, schedule an appointment with us today.