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Hearing Aid Cleaning

Hearing Aid Cleaning

When you first receive your hearing aids, keeping them clean may not be something that you have considered. As hearing aids are basically specialized computers that you can wear in or on your ears, it makes sense that they will require cleaning over the years you will own your hearing aids. However, your hearing aids will need more cleaning than you can give them all on your own.

Benefits Of Professional Hearing Aid Cleaning

Here at Heroes of Hearing, we offer professional hearing aid cleaning services. With regular, in-depth cleaning, your hearing aids can benefit in multiple ways.

Our hearing instrument specialist has the right tools to safely clean your hearing aids.

To avoid damaging your hearing aids, it is best not to attempt any in-depth cleaning at home. At our hearing clinic, your hearing aids can be safely cleaned as our hearing instrument specialist has the tools and training to disassemble and clean your hearing aids.

Professional hearing aid cleaning extends your hearing aids lifespan.

Hearing aids can last from anywhere from 3-5 years. To help your hearing aids last longer, regular cleaning will keep your hearing aids free of built-up earwax and other impacted debris.

With professional cleaning, hearing aids work more effectively.

When hearing aids become clogged with sweat, earwax, and other debris, the battery life is often shortened, electrical connections can become corroded, and the receiver and microphone can become damaged. By having your hearing aids in-depth cleaned by a hearing instrument specialist, you can ensure your hearing aids work more effectively and are better protected.

Regular cleaning allows our hearing expert to check for damage.

Unless you see visible damage to your hearing aids, you often don’t consider that they could be impaired. However, in the areas you can’t see, your hearing aids may be hiding problems. During a cleaning, our hearing instrument specialist can check for damage and advise you on needed repairs.

In-depth professional care provides better hearing aid audio.

If the receiver of your hearing aids or microphone become blocked, the overall sound quality of your hearing aids will become compromised. With regular professional cleaning, you can enjoy crisp and clear audio quality from your hearing aids.
Most hearing aid manufacturers recommend you have your hearing aids professionally cleaned every three months, so you can enjoy all the above benefits.

Hearing Aid Cleaning Services At Heroes Of Hearing

When you come into our hearing clinic for your regular professional hearing aid cleaning, you can receive a variety of hearing aid cleaning services.

  • Six point clean and check – Our main hearing aid cleaning service is the six point clean and check. Our hearing instrument specialist will go over the six major points on your hearing aid, performing in-depth cleaning and checking the functionality of your device.
  • Hearing aid firmware check – As hearing aids are mini computers, they have firmware which may need to be updated. You can have our hearing instrument specialist check your hearing aids for new firmware and run any necessary updates.
  • Earmold tubing blower – With Behind-The-Ear, mini Behind-The-Ear, and Receiver-In-Canal hearing aids, the tubing can become clogged with earwax. With the tools in our hearing aid lab, our hearing instrument specialist can blow out the wax and clean the tubing of any remaining residue.
  • Hearing aid repairs – Cleaning and hearing aid repairs go hand-in-hand. Regular cleaning can cut down on needed repairs, but if you need repairs on your hearing aids, you can have that done as they are cleaned.
  • Cleaning products – You can also find a variety of ear and hearing aid cleaning products at our hearing clinic. Items like ear drops, hearing aid cleaning brushes, and other helpful cleaning products are available.

Hearing Aid Cleaning To Do At Home

Along with professional hearing aid cleaning, there is a good amount of cleaning you should be doing at home to maintain your hearing aids on a day-to-day basis.

  • Wipe down your hearing aids – Using a soft, microfiber cloth only, wipe down your hearing aids every day before you put them away for the night. By doing this, you can avoid having your hearing aids build up earwax and moisture. Do not use any chemicals or alcohol wipes, as these things can corrode the casing and electronics.
  • Use a hearing aid brush – To clean the crevices of your hearing aids, we recommend you use a hearing aid brush. After you have brushed the casing, use the microfiber cloth to remove any remaining debris.
  • Clean wax out with a hearing aid pick – There are multiple openings all over your hearing aids which the brush and cloth may not be able to reach. Carefully use a hearing aid pick to clean any debris out of these openings. That way, you avoid damage to your hearing aids.
  • Check and clean battery contacts – When you change your batteries, check and clean your battery contacts. By doing so, you can avoid corrosion on your battery contacts and extend the life of your hearing aids. Also, you should leave your battery doors open at night to keep from having electrical currents run through your hearing aids all night.

Have Your Hearing Aids Cleaned At Heroes Of Hearing

To complement your at-home hearing aid cleaning, be sure to bring your hearing aids into Heroes of Hearing. We have the tools and the expertise to help you maintain your hearing aids to the highest standard. Some of the other services available at our hearing clinic are:

  • Hearing tests
  • Tinnitus treatment
  • Hearing aids dispensing
  • Hearing aid products

To have your hearing aids professionally cleaned and checked over for damage by our hearing instrument specialist or other hearing services, contact us for an appointment today.