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Hearing Evaluation

During your hearing evaluation, we will use a series of diagnostic tools to determine your hearing and inner ear health. A couple of the tests are:

    • Video Otoscopy – We will inspection the over all health of the ear canal.  Infection, perferated ear drum, or a build up of cerumen (or ear wax) could be the cause of your hearing troubles.

  • Pure tone air and bone conduction testing – You will be tested by first having tones play through inserted headphones at a variety of pitches and volumes. Our testers will then reduce the volume after each response until you cannot hear the tones anymore, which you will indicate by pressing a handheld button. After that test, a special device will be placed on the bone behind your ear and we will have you indicate like the test prior when you hear a tone.
  • Speech reception and word recognition – This test is to help assess how well you can hear and understand regular speech when amplified to the appropriate volume. You will be asked to listen to a series of words are repeat them back. The words will be given at different volumes to help assess if there are volume levels you aren’t hearing.
  • Familiar Voice Test – Outside of the testing booth in a quite environment we will have the person that accompanied you to your appointment read a list of words. You will then respond back the best you can. This test helps us understand how much you are actually understanding from others when in a quite environment. This will then be compare to your speech discrimination scores.