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The Levo System by Otoharmonics

When your tinnitus begins to impact your quality of living, it is incredibly frustrating to talk to medical professionals who only advise you to avoid stressful triggers, leaving you to endure the constant sound you hear.

Here at Heroes of Hearing, we offer a variety of tinnitus treatment solutions, so that you can begin enjoying your life again. One tinnitus management option many people have found success with is the Levo System.

The Levo System Was Built For Tinnitus Patients

As tinnitus is often caused by a malfunction in how the brain processes sound, it can be difficult for traditional methods to address the issues. The Levo System uses a revolutionary sound generation approach, aiming to retrain your brain as you sleep, teaching your brain to ignore the tinnitus sounds. Many users found that the Levo System drastically reduced their tinnitus within the first week of use.

How The Levo System Operates

System Operates

The Levo System is a multi-part system made up of the Levo manager, the patient device, and custom Levo earbuds. These components work together to treat your tinnitus.

As the patient, your interaction with the Levo manager will take place at Heroes of Hearing clinic as part of your Levo System fitting. Our hearing instrument specialist will work with you to make the sound the Levo System emits match the tinnitus you hear. All aspects will be taken into account from frequency, type of sound (buzzing, ringing, crackling, etc.), to the tinnitus volume.

By our hearing specialist creating a perfect match for your tinnitus, the Levo System can effectively work to train your brain to become desensitized to the sound your tinnitus makes.

Once your tinnitus sound profile is created, our hearing instrument specialist will save it. That way, if you need any adjustments, he can easily assist you. After it is saved, the sound profile will be transferred to the smart device of your choice.

With the Levo System installed on your device, you can take your sound profile home and use it at night to train your brain. The custom Levo earbuds ensure the sound reaches you clearly and comfortably, even as you sleep.

Research Supporting The Levo System

Unlike the various pills and oils that exist, promising you relief from tinnitus without any proof, the Levo System is backed up by in-depth scientific research. Three landmark studies have confirmed that the Levo System can help even those suffering from the most severe tinnitus.

“Tinnitus treatment with sound stimulation during sleep”

In this study, researchers over a six-month trial period worked with 11 individuals as they tested the Levo System. After only one week of use, almost all the participants reported that they had a marked decrease in tinnitus symptoms. By the end of the first month, all participants reported that their tinnitus had lessened.

At the completion of the study, three of the eleven participants said that their tinnitus was gone, while the other eight participants reported that their tinnitus was greatly decreased.

“The Impact of Sound on Electroencephalographic Waves during Sleep in Patients Suffering from Tinnitus”

Digging deeper into the Levo System, this study examined how sound generation affects sleeping participants who struggled with tinnitus. The ten participants in this study were observed as they slept, and researchers noticed that the Levo System affected the participants’ sensory processing center, no matter what stage of sleep they were experiencing.

The researchers particularly noted that having the sound customized to the participant assisted with the impact of the sound generation therapy.

“Impact of reduction of tinnitus intensity on patients’ quality of life”

Over the course of a shorter, three-month study, researchers noted that participants said their tinnitus had been significantly reduced by using the Levo System. On average, it was reported that the volume had been reduced by 62%.

How To Use The Levo System When At Home


Using the Levo System at home is an easy process. When you are ready to go to sleep for the night, place the custom Levo earbuds in your ears and start the program. You can set the volume and intensity of the Levo System sound profile, that way you can match how you experienced your tinnitus that day.

Doing this on a nightly basis is crucial to the success of the Levo System treatment plan. The sound therapy will work through the night, teaching your brain to ignore your tinnitus. While you can skip days once your tinnitus has diminished, it is best that you use the Levo System every night until you have had regular diminishment of tinnitus.

Heroes Of Hearing Offers The Levo System

If you are struggling with tinnitus and are interested in what the Levo System has to offer, you can find this revolutionary sound therapy device here at Hearing of Hearing. Our hearing instrument specialist can consult with you and determine if you are a good candidate for the Levo System.

Our hearing clinic also provides other hearing-related services such as hearing tests to assess for hearing loss, hearing aid fittings, hearing aid repair, and other key services. As tinnitus is often accompanied by hearing loss, you can have all those issues addressed at our office.

To take control of your tinnitus, contact us to set up an appointment today and receive a free hearing devices demonstration.