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What’s New In Hearing Aid Tech: Hearing Aid Apps for Android Devices

The digital age is marked by dazzling technical innovation in every realm, including hearing assistance. Many of today’s hearing aids have associated apps that let you control features like volume and programming via your smartphone, at the touch of a button. It’s a convenient and discreet way to optimize your listening experience.

At first most hearing aid apps were aimed at iPhone users, but most manufacturers have since created equivalent apps for Android aficionados. There’s one area, though, where Androids still lag behind iPhones. Unlike iPhones, Androids still require that you use an accessory like a phone clip if you want to stream audio directly into your hearing aids. That’s likely to change, though, with Phonak’s recent introduction of their Audéo line, the first hearing aids to wirelessly connect wirelessly to Androids without an intermediary device.

At Heroes of Hearing we believe everyone deserves the best hearing help, regardless of their level of hearing loss or what style of phone they carry. Here are some Android-compatible hearing aid apps that have earned our stamp of approval.

Unitron: Remote Plus (Android 6.0 or later)

Unitron is just one of the many brands of hearing aids we carry, but it’s among our favorites. Android users who wear Unitron’s Moxi hearing aids can download the accompanying Remote Plus app for free via Google Play. Remote Plus essentially turns your phone into a remote control, letting you use your Android to:

  • Mute and unmute your hearing aids
  • Adjust the volume of your hearing aids
  • Change your hearing aids’ programming

Starkey: TruLink (Android 4.4 or later)

The TruLink Hearing Control app supports Starkey’s Halo, Halo 2 and Halo iQ hearing aids. It has a number of useful features, like letting you use your Android to control your hearing aids’ volume and find them if they’re lost.

It also has some nifty automated functions. The app automatically adapts when you travel in a car and can use geotags to adjust to customized settings. For instance, TruLink can activate your “coffee shop” settings when you walk into your favorite java joint.

Phonak: Remote (Android 4.0 and later)

The Remote app is designed to be used with Phonak’s Audéo hearing aids models. This is another app that turns your Android into a remote control, letting you:

  • Adjust the volume of your hearing aids
  • Choose between programs configured by your hearing instrument specialist
  • Adjust your Tinnitus Balance noise generator

ReSound: Smart 3D (Android 5.0 or later)

Compatible with ReSoud’s LiNX and ENZO hearing aids, Smart 3D is one of the more versatile Android-compatible apps. It lets you use your smartphone to:

  • Mute and unmute your hearing aids
  • Control the volume of your hearing aids
  • Find lost hearing aids
  • Adjust elements like speech focus and wind-noise levels via Sound Enhancer
  • Select bass, middle and treble tones to best suit you
  • Save environmentally-optimized program settings, tagged to specific locations
  • Adjust the Tinnitus Sound Generator and complementary Nature Sounds

Widex: BEYOND (Android 6.0 or later)

Android users who wear Widex’s BEYOND hearing aids can benefit from the BEYOND app. BEYOND allows you to control many aspects of your hearing experience via your Android, using it to:

  • Adjust the volume and mute function of your hearing aids
  • Adjust directional focus for environment-specific listening
  • Adjust the sound equalization, manually or through pre-sets
  • Create a location library with space-specific programming
  • Locate lost hearing aids

At Heroes of Hearing, we strive to keep up on the latest developments in our industry. Let us know if you’d like to learn more about hearing technology like apps, accessories, tinnitus management tools and wireless streaming. Contact us today to set up your appointment.