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Episode 2: "I am Good"

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So the big question is this, how do we help family and friends that are developing hearing loss navigate their changing world and guide them to the treatment they won't admit they need? That's the question, and this podcast will give you the answer. My name is Russell Broadhead, and welcome to the Heroes of Hearing Podcast.

Good morning. This is Russ with Thank You Heroes of Hearing and I went to a training. And in the training it talked about just the power that our mind has and when we think about just the thoughts we have. Then we think about all the time, you know, end up creating that action that we end up taking.

And we talked about just the, the power that our thoughts have and, and one of the, in the training we talked about also our eyes and, and having vision and. Having a goal and being able to focus on that goal. We created these vision boards and years ago I did a vision board and thought it was really cool and looked at it for a while and then just kind of forgot about it and left it in my home office.

I think now if I was to find it, I don't even know where it's at, I would be able to go back and look and say, That we accomplished everything that we put on that vision board. And, most of the stuff we do is conscious. A lot of it's unconscious. You know, we use our subconscious mind to, to process a lot of information.

And so I had started this vision board thing over again, and on my vision board I said, Kay, what do I want my first thing to do to be. And I thought of my wife. We've been, we've been married. This will be her, 13 years and her birthday's coming up this next week and she's gonna turn the big four zero.

She's just been home with the kids and ever since she came back from working at the high school, As a drama teacher, a theater teacher, and I thought, what would be the perfect gift to give her? So she's into musicals and she loves Broadway and, and all that. So what we're doing is we're, I'm actually taking her to New York.

We're gonna stay there for a few days and, and go to a few plays. We're gonna go to see Wicked which I haven't seen yet, and I think she might have seen it, but she really wants to, to see it again. So, so that's the big surprise today. Well, she, she knows about it. I couldn't keep that one in the dark.

So, we're actually gonna fly out of Phoenix and, and fly to JFK and, be there for a bit. But I wanted to introduce a special little guest here and, I'm gonna have her introduce herself today. We have a special guest. Her and her name is, what's your name? Bella. Bella. Her name is Bella. And Bella is how old.

Sorry, she is four years old. Bella, can you tell me what is your favorite thing to hear? Abi. You love to hear Abi? Yeah, I hear Abi. And Abi is her oldest sister. And what do you love to hear from Abi? Her singing. Abi. Abi winning me at a mermaid song. She sings you a mermaid song? Yeah. Oh, so So she really loves the mermaid song.

Yeah. That her oldest sister, Abi, sings to her. Mm-hmm. I am good. You are good. I'm that 14. Yeah and what do you want to tell our listeners today, sister? Sister? I am good. I am good. That's the message You want to leave with everybody? Yeah. So her message to everybody today is, I am good.

So we want you to say, I am good and believe that you are, you are good. Mm-hmm And to be happy. Yeah. I be happy. What do you do to be happy? Must make me angry enough. He's sad. Oh, so she has another sister named Samantha. And Samantha makes her angry and sad. Mm-hmm. But what makes you happy? Okay, Abi makes me happy. Abi makes you happy cuz she sings the mermaid songs. Yep. Yep. Does your mommy and daddy make you happy? Yep. Yep. All right. Tell everybody have a great day. Great day.

You are good. Turn. Dad. My turn. All right. Hey, you guys have a great day today and thank you so much for listening to our episode for today. Remember that you are good.

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